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I ended up going out with Veronica last night. That was after I had settled down. We came back to the hotel around 3:00 a.m.and chatted for a bit before I crashed out. I woke up kinda late today. I got up around 1:00 p.m. I haven’t heard or seen a thing from the girls today. They probably went into either Lima or Miraflores again to do some shopping. Maybe I’ll hear from them later. If we really plan to travel together we need to make a plan on as to where to go next. We need to get our laundry tomorrow before we head out. I guess I can only sit and wait to see what happens.

I’m still conflicted on whether I was getting the shake from Eloise and Veronica and whether they really ever did intend to travel with me or if they were just trying to be nice. As I read through the entries I feel like in hindsight they were but I wonder if perhaps I was just too pressuring on things. That will turn anyone away. Reading through these entries I was clearly intending on traveling with them but also it seems like they were trying to ditch me in a nice way or at least it felt like that. I do recall Eloise being pretty sick and it could be as plain and simple as that. Veronica was worried about her friend and they needed to be sure she was well before they left. That’s totally understandable and I truly wish I could recollect all those events from that time. As I mentioned, I’m not going to embellish anything, everything I put down is the reality. It’s very possible that my very obvious insecurities could be the sole reason they decided they didn’t want to. I can understand that. I also recollect confessing to Veronica that I had a crush on Eloise, I’m sure it didn’t stay confidential. Come to think of it perhaps Eloise really wasn’t as sick as I was thinking she was and it was just a cover for them to get rid of me. That probably makes the most sense as shortly thereafter I really only saw and hung out with Veronica.

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