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Ok, so I am diverting off of my journal entries just because I want to give my opinion on a story in the news that has been going on. The story is about a lady who had recently flown and she recorded the passenger behind her hitting her seat because she had reclined back. She is threatening to sue the passenger she had the altercation with. Perhaps you have seen the story on the news yourself. Well, here’s my opinion on it. Even though the seats are designed to recline I don’t think it’s a courteous thing to do. I’ve been the uncomfortable one from someone reclining. I actually commend the dude behind her letting her know his frustration by actually hitting the seat to let her know. The fact she wants to sue him because she, in my opinion, was really the rude one is fucking ridiculous. She’s making a story out of herself being an asshole is how I see it. She obviously knew it was bothering the passenger behind her so why the fuck would you continue to keep your seat reclined if it was making him uncomfortable? Then you record it because you want to show him as the bad guy? No, I’m not buying it. Be courteous and do the right thing, get a neck pillow and don’t be the asshole that reclines. That is all.

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