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I just had a really interesting thought a few moments ago. I was literally thinking of what to write about and the question came into mind. Would I change if I became famous? Also, if you read my last blog Work and Play you will see I for some reason in 6th grade thought I would be a famous writer. Obviously, as of now that’s a far reach from the truth. So it was a very interesting thought to cross my mind. I think fame does change you. I don’t see how it wouldn’t. It has to be an interesting feeling knowing you might have to disguise yourself if you don’t want to be bothered in public. There may be some famous people that enjoy the attention as well, and I’m sure they are plenty. I think I would like it in doses. Be admired in one place and a complete unknown somewhere else. It has to be uplifting to see people excited to see you. To want your autograph (remember those?) or more likely these days a photo with you. It’s crazy that there are people that are out there that have such a draw to them. So many people drawing to you like a magnet. Wanting to be like YOU, to live YOUR life. I think I would change. I feel it would be for the better though. I hope it would be. I feel the happier you are personally, the happier you make everyone else. So as crazy as it sounds, ask yourself the question if fame would change you. You could be surprised how it turns the gears in your head.

In closing, please feel free to comment and also provide topics you might like to read my thoughts on. Thank you!

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