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It was an interesting trip to La Paz today. It consisted of a bus change in Copacabana (Bolivia). We had to wait for about an hour or so till it arrived, so I walked around the town for a bit with Terra. It was a nice little place to be honest and may have been nice to stay for a night, but oh well. La Paz is pretty neat. It’s like a New York City inside a crater in a way. The city is surrounded by mountains and it’s a BIG city too. We had dinner at a Hard Rock Cafe here. We decided we had to go seeing how we weren’t expecting it. Things are definitely cheaper here which is good. I’m trying to see if I can get another internet loan but it’s not looking good at the moment. I’m unable to fax anything so I need one that just transfers money into my account. I think I can make it if I can get 300-400 more dollars. May have to ask for help from home. I need it within the next couple days if I am going on the bike trip down “The World’s Most Dangerous Road” which I really want to do. 16 more days until I fly back home. I need to not only get some more money but figure out my time in getting back towards Lima as well. I’ll figure it out somehow.

Once again, I need to clarify things using my memory because I failed to detail properly in my personal journal. I don’t really describe the true feelings I had on why the bus trip was interesting. The bus change wasn’t the interesting part, it was the part where we had to cross over a small body of water. I believe it may have even been a small outlet of Lake Titicaca and to get across we had to get off the bus, the bus would get ferried across, and all the passengers boarded a separate boat to catch the bus on the other side. It seemed like a really odd way to do it but I guess that’s the way things are done down there. Going through border patrol was a bit nerve racking due to the language barrier but thankfully no incidents or encounters with corrupt officials happened. I do recall Copacabana being a pleasant but very brief visit. It was a town right on the border of Lake Titicaca and had great views. It was a town that seemed to be designed perfectly for the location with all the buildings set so that there didn’t seemed to be a place without a view of the lake. That’s what made it desirable for me to want to stay a night there as it seemed like a place that really would cut loose at night while being engulfed in the pure beauty of the area. Hell, I can’t say that Barry Manilow was referring to this Copacabana, but I can’t say he was wasn’t either. If it was, I could see why he sang a song about it.

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