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Well, going to Rurrenabaque today, and tomorrow I’m taking the pampas tour. I’m not happy with myself as I forgot my ATM card in the machine yesterday. That can really put me into a bind. I just have to have faith everything will turn out ok. I’m a bit tired now as I have taken some Ibuprofen and I think I will lay down for awhile.

I was still in La Paz, Bolivia at this point. I only mention that because I don’t ever seem to mention in my journal entries that I was still there, I just assumed you would know. Well, you know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of u and me. Heard that from my dad but it could have been relayed information. Thankfully not classified, as it is a pretty important piece of knowledge to become familiar with. So, there it is I was still in La Paz. I was taking Ibuprofen because I had gotten sick. It was a drudging down type of sick. Very similar to a cold and I felt drained and beat. In hindsight, it very well could have been altitude sickness as well. I know I was sick as a dog though. I was able to trek forth though. Now, let’s get to the more important issue of leaving the only card I could use in the ATM. I remember how excited and relieved I was to know that I had gotten that loan in my bank. I went down to the travel agent and booked the trip to the pampas. Later that night I went out to dinner with a fellow American that I had met. I would’ve been fucked if I waited another 12 years to try to tell this story as I may not be able to remember some of these subtle details that still remain. If I recall, his name was Will and he was from either Wyoming or Wisconsin. He had been living in South America for about 6 months or so. He had been a computer programmer, worked his ass off for 3 years, and decided to move down to South America for awhile. Other than those details I unfortunately don’t remember many other things we discussed. I do remember I found myself eating at the Hard Rock Cafe there. Again. It was familiar food and they had a killer brownie sundae. I’m a foolish glutton, guilty as charged. I remember getting the bill, opening my wallet and realizing my card wasn’t in the fold that I always put it in. Oh fuck, I immediately thought as I realized I never remembered to take the card out of the machine when I withdrew my money to pay for the pampas tour. In my excitement I didn’t wait for the machine to eject my card and I walked away like the damn fool I was. As odd as it was, I wasn’t worried about someone using it or trying to steal my identity. My concern was the fact that once my cash was out, I was done. Well, after paying for my dinner and having to pay my hostel there really wasn’t much but small coin left. Thankfully, I had a few days paid for coming up on my pampas tour… Or so I thought.

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