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I had posted a blog awhile back titled Lost Photos. It was about how I couldn’t recall where any of my pictures from South America were. Well, that still remains true, however, I have been able to gain access to my Myspace account which did have some photos from my trip on it. If you follow my blog, you know that lately I have been posting my journal entries from a trip I had taken to South America back in 2007. Accompanying these entries, I have been adding in my memories and afterthoughts in regards to each entry to help assist with filling in some details I hadn’t written in the journal itself. It’s an adventure that I have enjoyed retelling as well as something that is truly personal. Most of all I hope it paints a genuine picture of the events that happened over that period of time in my life. The idea of throwing in my insights now, is an effort to spice up the story with better details, not to fill with embellishment. I hope that goal has so far been accomplished. This is the main reason for this post as in my next journal entries I plan to start including some photos that relate to the entry. I just updated one of my previous ones with a photo taken from that day. I hope this adventure entertains you as much as it has entertained me to display it. Onward.

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