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I think it would be safe to say that each individual has their own definition of work and play. The only constant thing would be the words themselves. I had a sense of excitement after creating this site yesterday. I simply posted an introductory blog last night, not thinking anyone would really see it. To my surprise, it had been liked and viewed by several people. I even had someone want to follow me. Thank you!

As of late, I have really been disliking my job. I’m sure a majority of you are are saying “No Shit!” right about now. Ok, cool. That there my friend, that’s a definition of work for you. It’s funny how we are all programmed it seems. We grow up, go to school. Get told to go to more school (I think that’s a sham) and put ourselves into debt, in hopes of getting a good paying career we most likely will hate. I myself, as apparent in my comment in parenthesis above, chose the work out of school route. I was pretty over school by the time I was a senior. When I saw the curriculum for college. All I thought was “What the fuck does calculus have to do with journalism?” I was immediately out. I’ve never been a fan of math. Give me the basic stuff addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. I feel that’s all that anyone really needs to be know. Unless you go the path of the trades. Geometry helps there. I’m sure sciences require math too but you catch my drift I hope. So, needless to say work is all I’ve known to be the way to earn money. It’s the same for the majority of you I would think. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I had told my 6th grade english teacher, Mrs. Humphries. I had signed my name on a post it and gave it to her and said “Hold on to this, I’m going to be a famous writer someday.”

I think about that a lot now. It was play to me. In my brain and how it was wired I couldn’t piece play with pay together unless I was paying. It was silly that I never tried. Now I am.

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