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Today I found myself listening to a podcast I stumbled on upon called Bedtime Stories. This podcast features short stories of the unexplained. Aliens, UFOS, Cryptids, stuff like that. It made me think of a time that my friend Todd and I talked about over the weekend. We went camping to a place we like to go. Pawtuckaway Park in New Hampshire. It started out as any other time we had gone. We were drinking beer, smoking weed, and hanging out on the peak where we can look out over the park.

It’s a great view and we have seen fireworks from miles away before. We saw a satellite fly over one night and wouldn’t even had known had it not been coincidentally mentioned on the radio we were listening to at the moment. There have been some magical experiences up there and this particular story is one of them.

There is a fire pit that is a small embankment down from the peak. For some reason we decided to start a small fire. We got it going and didn’t think much of it. We went back up to the peak and it was pitch black at this time. I can’t recall the time but it was summer so I would guess it was at least 10 P.M. We were looking out across the land and we could see some headlights driving on one of trails way out in the distance across the pond. Then out of nowhere a bright, ball of light was shining on us. Almost as it were a spotlight shining on us but at the same time it was at around the same level or slightly higher then us. We were like what fuck at first. Then out of paranoia it struck my mind it was coming from the fire tower. Panicked we jumped down the embankment to put the fire out and I couldn’t help but notice that the bright light shined across the peak and over us as we crouched. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a light as bright as that in my life. I had never had a fire tower spot light on me either so our panic was just that we were going to get in trouble. Possibly arrested if they were to come up and find us. We went back and just went to the tent to go to sleep. Worried at any moment we would see flashlights and officials to get us out of there. No one ended up coming and we were able to get some sleep. When we woke up we went back to the peak to take a last look out over the park before we left. While up there I looked for the fire tower. It was way off to the left on the other side and in no way could have been the source of light that shined on us. Now I’ve tried to think of logical things on what the light was or where it came from but I had nothing when I realized how far away the fire tower was. I thought maybe it was a spot light coming from the vehicle that we had seen. I don’t think it was that either because the strange thing about the light was that it was a ball and there really wasn’t any beam to trace it’s origin. It’s something I have never had an answer to and neither has Todd. I guess it makes it our unsolved mystery.

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