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I can’t help but think of home now. Only because of the sake of knowing it so well, also because I’m really worried about my finances. I feel ashamed knowing I haven’t done anything of which I had boasted so much about. I’ll be lucky if I see Macchu Picchu. I feel like I’ve really dug myself a deep hole this time. This is the first time that I can say I am completely homesick. The idea seems even more crazy about publishing this. I don’t really think many will find it entertaining. I feel as if I have lost the touch I used to have in writing as I feel my description is lacking. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get lucky somehow and someone will enjoy this. I sort of regret staying at this new hostel I’ve checked into. It is one that is out of the way of everything and a taxi can’t even make it all the way up here because it is so steep. I really wish I just had more to tell on this journey but due to my lack of travel I have had a lack of sights to write about. Lack of money is the biggest factor now. If I wasn’t worried at all about my funds I would be well on my way and traveling much more. I just hope I can get some financial help.

It’s interesting for me to read back on this. I can’t help but want to smack my 25 year old self upside the head. Lack of travel??? You flew out of the country you dumb shit some people barely leave the town they live in. Not to mention flew to a third world country. I do stand relatively firm on some lack luster detail in my journal but I am happy to detail it with memories that stick in my mind. I can’t recall why I had left the hostel I was at to this much secluded one but I’m guessing it was my attempt to save what little money I had. I also want you to know there is ZERO exaggeration when I mention the taxi couldn’t get to the top of the hill where the hostel was. The damn thing was sputtering and nearly rolling back down the hill. The cab driver finally gave up and just said he had to let me out there. To make you a little more familiar with Cuzco it’s over twice the altitude of Denver, Colorado if that helps to prove my point that I’m not exaggerating. I remember reading about how the air would be thinner due to the altitude but I never really felt it bothered me much. I wasn’t trying to run a marathon or anything up there either. I just felt if I was out of breath it’s because of hoofing it up one of the many hilly streets there. I also want to touch base on what I had been boasting about what I was going to do on my trip. My grand plan was to try to do a loop around the continent. I had planned to see Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. As you can tell due to the financial situation I was in, the probability of that all happening was low.

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