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The photos above I had taken when I took my tour on Lake Titicaca. The photos are of Island Uros an island on the lake. It’s not your usual island either as it is all man built by reed and it floats on the lake. There are some people that live on the island and it’s not very big but they find a way to maintain some sort of life out there. They use reed for just about everything on the island. They even had some fishing holes in the island which is how they would catch fish for food. It was an interesting sight to see for me. This was the first destination of two on the Lake Titicaca tour. The second was Island Tequile which was your typical island made of land. It was more of a small mountain and the tour group was served lunch at the top of the Island. The photos below were taken from Island Tequile. One is a view from a rooftop on top of the island and the other is a 25 year old version of myself on the rooftop of which the previous photo was taken.

I just happened to notice the time on the time stamp of the photos and it is clearly wrong. The date is right but for some reason the time was off. Not sure why, but the important thing is I was able to get some pictures to show to you. I also wanted to start off by filling in details that I didn’t mention in my journal. You would think I would have mentioned something about it but nope. I was a relatively piss poor journalist it seems. Thankfully, I have some photos to show for it. The tour overall wasn’t a bad experience but it made me think of an adult field trip in a way. You get herded together with your group while the guide explains things. Island Uros captivated my attention more as that was something unique seeing how it was all built with reeds and just floating out in the lake. Island Tequile was more of a hike up one side of the island, lunch at the top, and then the descent down the other side of the island to where we departed. It was about 2 hours from the port of Puno out to Island Tequile so it was a lengthy trip. I suppose being caught up in the moment made me fail to detail anything about it in my journal. Speaking of that, let’s get to it.

Well, I did bump into the girls on Island Tequile and we went out for some drinks tonight. I just got back into my room after around 20 minutes of searching for the hostel itself and about ten minutes fucking with the key to get myself back into the room. I think I’m gonna change my plans and head to La Paz with the girls. We are thinking about biking the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” it should be intense but nonetheless an experience. I played around a bit and for some reason began to act gay. I put on Kim’s white wool gloves and talked with a lisp. A few drinks in me and I can do some crazy stuff. They gave me a good compliment though and said I should be an actor. It’s funny cuz that’s one of the things I wanted to do when I was younger. I’m only 25 now so I guess anything is possible. Well gotta get up early to catch the bus so this is all for tonight.

Terra and I. This is was taken when I was acting like a fool. Notice the white gloves.

I really don’t know what drives me to do some of the shit I do. I think it’s strictly just for some attention or some sort of adulation. I’m for the most part a pretty quiet guy but if I sense I am entertaining even the slightest, my brain hits overdrive and I do what I can to keep whoever is entertained engaged. I play in a band and when I know people are into it, I play so much better I feel. I’m really not one for showmanship on the stage but I want it to sound good so I play like my life depends on it when I notice some bodies moving in the crowd. I recently had reached out to Terra to let her know what I was doing with this journal and to let her know that I had some pictures of us I’d like to post and to be sure she was ok with that. She sounded excited and stated that the trip to South America was one of her most favorite trips. She said she was interested in reading the blog too. I hope she does and I hope she, along with anyone else who reads it enjoys it as well. Oh, I want to touch base on something. I seem to have the worst sense of direction when I am somewhere new. If you read one of the previous entries I got lost trying to meet up with Terra and Kim to plan our trip to Puno. Yes, same thing happened after I left the bar that night. Thankfully, I found the hostel but I remember being panic stricken when it took forever to get into the room because the key was a piece of shit. It also could have been operator error as well because I was pretty loaded. It’s irrelevant now as I was able to get in obviously but I wasn’t impressed at the time. I stated I may change my plans and go to La Paz, Bolivia with Terra and Kim but to be honest I’m not sure what my original plan was. I think I may have had another night booked in Puno and all I did was cut that stay short. That wasn’t going to hurt my feelings much, plus Terra and Kim were good company.

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