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2020. A year that will forever remain, as one that marks the history books. Ranging from a pandemic to riots and protesting there was an awful lot crammed into these 12 months. A very large majority of it being pretty shitty for most people. On the other side of the coin, some had found a way to flourish. This year also took some pretty big names from us as well. Two of the more recent ones but most significant to me, were the deaths of Eddie Van Halen and Alex Trebek. Those bummed me out. Overall for me I was fortunate to remain mainly unscathed throughout this year. I was able to stay employed and don’t tell anyone…. I even got a bump in pay. I fucking earned that shit though, so it felt quite deserved. I had my car get totaled not due to accident but due to flooding it driving through deep water. It was deeper than it had looked. It’s ok though because I now have a 2005 black Cadillac. She’s older but it feels like driving a cloud. I like it. Despite so many things happening throughout the world this year to be honest very little happened to me. Wait, I take that back. I did have an amazing trip in Europe with my brother and friend. Right as the shit was starting to hit the fan with COVID. It was interesting because that was all we saw on the news over there. We all ended up getting sick during the course of the trip as well. Did we have it? Who the hell knows, it’s possible. I still think it was from swimming in the Mediterranean Sea that night. Other than that trip it was mostly just work for me. Let’s look forward to what will hopefully be a better year for everyone. Happy New Years to you all!

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