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I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that this quarantine has not really affected me too much. I have been fortunate to still be working and I don’t go out too much in the first place. Nonetheless, I am still aware of everything going on. Many others are not as fortunate as I am in regards to working and the quarantine is making an impact. People are definitely starting to get stir crazy I feel. It’s getting in their heads that it’s a government conspiracy to control us. Now I don’t trust the government either, but for the whole world to collaborate?? That’s some serious planning. My view on it is that this is preparation for a worse type of illness. One you can’t help but ignore due to a higher death rate. It’s been visible with this one, but because it’s being compared to the flu people are very speculative. I get it, I had been too. To be honest it doesn’t matter to me. I have been quarantining ok so far. I’ve liked it because it has created a cause for renovation. Talk shows are being done from homes and through webcams. It’s not the best but still I like something different. I like a little bit of chaos. I like to see the reaction and how people hopefully can come together for a greater good. I’m not quite sure we are there. I think it started out like that but the longer the quarantine goes and the longer people are unable to work to pay bills, well shit’s going to get nasty. It’s getting close to that. The stimulus was pretty much a joke from how I saw it, especially with how long it is taking for people to get them. It’s going to be gone by the time it’s received for many I bet. If the country isn’t opened by then, it’s going to be bad. I just hope that when things do open up it’s not too soon. China is starting to have flare ups again. Can we believe those reports??? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. What if it mutates to something else? I don’t want to cause any paranoia but I think they are things to think about and consider. I wish everyone well during these times and please don’t go crazy. Before you go down desperation road and want to rob people, how bout just simply asking before getting violent? Hopefully, they will give you what you may need within obvious reason. Food, shelter, water. Those are essential needs that no one should have to fight for. That’s if it were a perfect world. We all know it’s not but isn’t it something we should strive for?

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