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Just got back after dinner. The place we wanted to eat at was fully booked but the woman was nice to direct us to another Indian restaurant down the street. I had chicken tikka masala. It wasn’t as good as Tulsi but it was ok. Jason had chicken vindaloo and I had a little of that and it tasted better than my masala. While walking back we observed a fight nearly break out. Also, a little further along we witnessed a couple of guys getting thrown out of a bar. It seems like a pretty ruckus place on saturday night. I’m thinking that big cities are not the places to travel to. They all seem to be one and the same. Buskers, homeless, and dirty streets. I can say however, I don’t seem to mind Cork or Dublin as much. I wish I could’ve taken more out of Hamburg. Unfortunately it receives a low grade of D. If we could’ve had the ability to enjoy the bars without having to deal with second-hand smoke perhaps the grade would be higher. Much like Paris, I don’t foresee any reason to come back to Hamburg. Again, I feel fortunate to have experienced it but I don’t need to come back. Let’s see what Copenhagen has in store.

Our hopes of a hooting, hollering time in Hamburg had not been fulfilled. It very well could have been because we stayed in a crappy part of Hamburg so I will say that my grade towards Hamburg is strictly on the Reeperbahn district as that was where our time had been spent. I also want to say that as I grade these places it’s only my personal opinion and any low grades are not to offend, infuriate, or otherwise shit on it for the sake of it. It was just MY experience and what I took away from the places. It is meant to be a source of information as well and to give some insight to people. I would never tell anyone to not go to some of the places of which I gave a low grade. It is only my experience and someone else may really enjoy the places I didn’t. To each their own, but mind you I’m not like Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, or Rick Steves. I give my genuine thoughts on a place and won’t sugar coat it if I don’t like something. If anything that’s the reason you’re still reading these, right?

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