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Copenhagen is a beautiful so far. We are staying at a nice hotel near the city center. It’s right by the water. Out behind the hotel is a huge wharf. There are a line of triangles you can walk through. It’s probably roughly 200 feet and as you walk through a voice emanates from it and the triangles light up as well when it is dark enough. They make a variety of noises from being operatic to kinda creepy and sinister. It was really cool. People have seemed friendly so far. It’s a big difference already, from our experience in Hamburg. Time to rest up at little and head out later to see how the night life is.

The the hotel we stayed at was The Admiral. It was a very nice place for our last couple nights to stay. I discovered the the singing triangles or whatever they were after I had showered. I ended up there by walking around the back of where the hotel was in search of where Jason and Matt had gone to get a bite to eat. As I had started walking I could hear it at first and it sounded like vikings were rowing a boat was my first thought. It knew something was going to be along the way and lo and behold it was those. There was a pretty consistent opera singing sound they eventually were giving off but when I had first discovered it was when it was making some creepy and stranger noises. It was very cool. I have attached pictures and you can also download the video below if you wish to hear the sounds for yourself. Hope you enjoy.

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