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There was a time when I had a fantastic memory. Throughout my years in school I was able to remember things effortlessly and if not for that, I probably would’ve done much worse in school. As time has progressed and along with that, technology, my memory has taken a nose dive. Technology has made everything too easy. There’s no effort in anything really. It has dumbed down society and it’s outright scary. It’s so easy to get misinformation because we think we have it at the tips of our fingers. With everything we look up there’s some sort of counter to it that gives an opposing side or view. The sad thing is that there isn’t a whole lot of middle. It’s all hard one way or the other it seems. Anyways, my mind is drifting in a political sway and I’m so over that shit so I’m going to change gears back to the point. Being dumbed down by technology. I remember having to remember my friend’s phone numbers. Nowadays, I’m lucky I remember mine and my wife’s. Technology has caused us to not have to do any real thinking. It’s smarter than us. The convenience is nice but at the same time where does it stop? I remember when The Matrix came out thinking what a cool, bullshit, action movie. Now, at times I find myself wondering if we are living in it. I suppose cloudy memory comes with age and I probably shouldn’t take it heart as much. I don’t think I thought too much of it until when I had been posting up my South America trip and while there is a lot I do remember from that trip there’s also a lot I don’t recall off the top of my head. When I read though it is when the nostalgia kicks in. I guess because as you get older you store more things in your mind and some stuff gets deleted. The brain is just like a computer in many ways, unfortunately now we rely on the computers for just about everything. We’ve become… yes, you guessed it. Dumbed Down.

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