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Well, booked a trip to Puno for tonight. I just hope the travel agent isn’t bullshitting me about the strike ending last night. If all goes well, I will be able to meet up with Terra and Kim. I’m looking forward to seeing new things and taking a lot more pictures than I have been. I feel guilty not taking a lot of them. It’s time to cut loos with it and stop being worried about my camera getting kifed. I haven’t had any problems thus far, knock on wood. As long as you pay attention to your stuff and remain aware I don’t think anyone is willing to attempt stealing. I’m just going to hang around today and maybe go into town and take some pics. I met a crew of cool Irish guys at this hostel. Justin, Kevin, Bernard, and Conor. There are 2 more but I don’t know their names. We all went out to dinner last night. I had some fantastic tenderloin tips. It was a bit of splurge but it was worth it. It truly is amazing how many people you can meet when you travel abroad. It’s been good.

I had a great time with those Irish dudes. I love the Irish truth be told. Very fun people to be around. I hung out with them in their room for awhile. We smoked a joint and they turned me on to a British t.v. show that night that forever stuck in my brain. It was fucking hysterical and we watched a couple of episodes together. I was saddened that we didn’t have it back home and thought that I’d never see it again. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long until Netflix started to stream tons of content. I happened to come across it on there one day. I couldn’t believe my eyes and a wave of nostalgia crept over me from this very moment in this hostel room in Cuzco, Peru with those guys. There it was, “Peepshow” a show that I thought I would never get to fully enjoy and it had all the seasons. I wasted no time in indulging into it and the humor still translated over. It is probably the funniest show I have ever seen. I even referred it to a good friend of mine who is a fan of British t.v. and he loved it as well. So, there you go. If you have never seen “Peepshow” give it a go. If it doesn’t make you laugh than I don’t know what will.

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