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Pulled an all nighter in Cuzco last night. It was stupid on my part as I know my funds are dangerously low. I can’t deny it wasn’t fun though. The hostel went out to a club and it was pretty busy. I saw a guy who was probably 5’3″ at best and looked very similar to Bob Marley. I met a woman name Dana who is currently living in Buenos Aires but is originally from New York. There was a guy hanging over her all night and she didn’t seem to keen on it. She thought he was nice and stuff but was just too attached to her. She called him “Koala” as she made a funny analogy saying “She was like the tree and he was like a koala clinging on the tree” I helped her a bit by sitting next to her for awhile when we got back to the hostel and started partying in the bar. If it hadn’t been for Koala I think I had a solid chance for at least a make out session with her. As much as I hate doing it I think I’m going to have to ask for some money… I don’t know how much I would need to keep me going another 3 1/2 weeks. I think that if I got smart and went into Bolivia then I would be ok if I could get $500. I’ll have to see about the payday advance thing and see if maybe I can get some cash that way. I’d probably only get a $100 if it works but maybe an angel will grant me a wish and allow possibly $500-700. That would be grand. Well, I think I’m going to go on the internet and try to get that payday advance.

I can recall the guy that looked like Bob Marley. He was having a good time and as I think of it now, was probably high on cocaine because he was jumping around a lot. He was a friendly guy it seemed but it was eerie how similar to Bob Marley he looked with the long dreads and even the same face structure. I don’t really recall having any conversations with him so to speak but he stuck out in my mind because of how he looked. I can’t recall so much as to what Dana and I had talked about either other than the guy that was infatuated with her. I’m curious on as to why I thought I had a chance with her in hindsight. Chance or no chance the real issue at the moment was finances and they were not good. I like to see myself as a person with pride so to have to beg for money from people back home was really just something I didn’t want to do. In turn, I discovered payday loans while searching around on the internet. It seemed like a viable solution and to be honest I didn’t give a fuck when I would pay them back I just needed money to get me through the rest of this trip. My flight was all paid for I just had to find a way to survive until it was time to catch my flight back home. Preferably without the assistance of money from back home. This was my burden to carry and I was young and strong.

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