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I’ve had a lack in motivation for writing lately. As you can tell from the lack of posts that have gone up. I had big plans for a story and still nothing… I haven’t had the motivation to sit down and start writing it. Mainly, because I keep having ideas pop into my head. I’m really letting my brain stew on these ideas as well. I want it to be really good so I need to be careful not to rush in and fuck it up. Maybe I should try just going traditional paper and pen and see how it goes. Just to get it started. Anyways, enough about that for now. We have a pandemic to worry about. I mean it. I won’t lie. In the beginning of all this I didn’t make much of it. I thought it was overblown by the media. I never thought that it would create the shit storm that it has. To be brutally honest, I was laughing it off. The reason being was because of how they compare it to the flu. While it may be a new strain of flu, it is still so much more different. The main thing being how long the incubation period is for it. That being the most dangerous time because you are slowly infecting everyone else and they don’t know it and neither do you because you are contagious without having symptoms. Once that news broke, was when it clicked in my head and I realized, this is going to be a problem. Cases continue to rise and the death count as well. We are just starting to head towards what they expect to be the peak in the U.S. It’s sad to think that the only real concern for our president is how his briefing ratings on this are higher than “The Bachelor” We picked a real winner America. Or I should say, some of you did. Yeah, you know who you are. I don’t know how anybody believed a word out of his mouth in the first place. Drain the swamp? Building a wall and Mexico paying for it? What happened to that? How can you not see the blatant bullshit? I beg of you to actually take in facts for once. They wonder why people get so pissed at them. It’s because there’s nothing between the ears of substance. Well, one thing that may happen from this is that it kills off his supporters. Nature is cruel and it’s natural selection at its best. Now, mind you I don’t really wish death upon anyone. I’ll be honest though and say I could do without some people. Trump would be so proud to hear that he’s number one.

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