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On the train heading to Copenhagen. Apparently, saturday night a lot of shit goes down in the Reeperbahn district of Hamburg. All night long and even into the early morning I heard sirens going off. It was crazy. It made me wonder what was going on out there for it to be that active. They must be a bunch of heathens and I’m happy I wasn’t out all night to see the carnage that create sirens to go off all night. Another thing is, on the train when the porter came by to check our tickets Jason asked if there was a cafe cart on the train and he said “Maybe in Denmark.” Jason then asked “Do we switch trains in Denmark?” To which he replied “Maybe.” What the fuck does that mean? It’s a yes or no question. He made it clear he wasn’t going to go out of his way to help. Fuck him. I’m not sure if he was German or Danish but if he was Danish I hope it’s not a sign of things to come hospitality-wise. We shall soon see.

I remember how angered I was by that porter. I don’t know if he was trying to be funny or what but I do remember being confused by his attitude and really pissed. As you can tell from my entry obviously. He may have been from somewhere else other than Germany or Denmark so I’m not sure why those were the only two places I listed he could be from. I suppose because I was traveling from Germany to Denmark. Eh, either way that’s irrelevant. The bottom line was, judging by first impressions, he was an odd, cold, and rude man. The question did echo in my head on how the people would be in Denmark. We had encountered a Danish bartender once on one of our trips in Ireland. He was a bit odd and had a weird sense of humor. He was also curt and come to think of it similar to how the porter was. I’m not saying the porter for certain was Danish but he did have similar traits to that bartender. I started to have fears of having to interact with these personalities. We would know soon enough.

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