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I just glanced at the breaking news that Trump is doing something to help the farmers. I couldn’t help but notice how he mentioned the farmers at on point had been targeted by China in regards to suppressing them. I could be jumping the gun and I don’t mean to create any type of hysteria but I had a weird thought of Trump wanting to wage war with China. He seems to always mention them and always has. Is it his mentality of always wanting to be the best that he has a fear of China because they are a large nation? He’s always talked shit about China and the more I think about it I feel like we are starting to head back into history. I feel like the fear of communism could come back again. If anything, this pandemic has done a good job of showing how dangerous a communist regime could be. He’d have a good cause and probably a lot of support to go after them. I don’t know, I really didn’t even want to write about this shit tonight but it’s what popped in my head and what happened to come on as I was starting to write. What I was going to write about is not much better than the scenario I’ve created above. I was thinking about how I think another depression is inevitable as part of the fallout of this pandemic. I feel like I will be okay, just because I have confidence in the company I work for and that I would still be employed. I’ve also worked for the company for a long time and know my shit so I have value as well. I think that’s all I’ve got to say now.

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