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Met up with Jason in Munich, then took a flight to Rome. Took a quick nap in the hotel before rising again to shower and head into the city center of Rome. Jason and I checked out the Coliseum. It wasn’t as awesome as I’d expected to be honest. I was hoping to be able to go in and touch the ground where blood had been spilled. Currently feeling fatigued as we are now finally seated to have dinner. We are at a restaurant called Il Duca. I’m hoping it’s good as at this point I’m famished and feeling a bit faint. Traveling with these two is a pleasure and a chore sometimes. We walked around for at least a half hour trying to decide where to eat. Thankfully, we are about to order. That’s all for now.

Between the jet lag and extreme hunger, I was pretty irritable at the time I wrote this entry. Those two can go on forever between each other trying to decide on a restaurant to eat at. I’m much easier to please on that and am pretty simple but they make it a process sometimes. It was a good meal that night and I had lasagna. It was authentic and I could tell the taste of the pasta was home made. It had a more flour taste to it which I’m guessing doesn’t quite translate back home probably because it is mostly processed pasta I’m used to. Visiting the Coliseum was interesting but like I said it didn’t blow my hair back that much. There was all kinds of pipe staging up and it really our a damper on the authentic historic feel I was hoping to get from it. Plus, obviously it is super touristy. Super touristy things are not the usual I go traveling for. I try to seek out things that truly excite me and not what I’m told to go see. The Coliseum did genuinely excite me because of it’s history but I felt I’d been had after I had gone in to check it out for myself. Oh well, lesson learned I’m still happy to say I have seen it with my own eyes. I wouldn’t say it’s something that has to be seen though if you go to Rome. It’s more impressive seeing it from the outside then when you get in there in my opinion. Save yourself some dough and just take some shots of the outside if you ask me. Judge for yourself with the photos I took.

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