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Currently, on our plane to head to Palermo. Matt has a car rental for when we get there so we can drive around and explore Sicily to the best of our abilities. Matt mentioned that Aleister Crowley has a home somewhere there. We may try to find it if we can. After dinner last night we went out for one more drink. One thing I won’t miss about Rome is the pushy buskers there. They, in my opinion, hinder the tourist experience. If I want something from you I’ll ask, otherwise please leave me alone when I am trying to have conversation with my friends. It’s annoying and uncalled for. I hope the same doesn’t happen in Sicily. I very well could be hoping we took another trip to Ireland if that shit happens too much on this trip. I’ll remain optimistic though. I don’t know of many people who have visited Italy that actually make it to Sicily. Usually they go to Venice or Rome it seems. At least I can have Sicily under my cap. I think it should be fun going around in the car. Well, we are getting ready for take off. Ciao!

The particular busker I am referring to was some dude who had a crappy ukelele and he came right up to us to play a dumb ass song about legalizing marijuana. I’m an advocate for that but dammit leave me alone dude. I just wanted to have conversation and a drink with my friends without having to listen to that jerk off play a dumb ass song. Rome had a lot of buskers that were pushy and that is what put me off as far as Rome being a place to visit again. I’ve been to a lot of cities but Rome for pushy buskers took the cake for places I’d experienced. Surprisingly, even more than I recall in South America. So, if you find yourself in Rome prepare yourself for being bugged by people your probably don’t want to be bugged by in the first place. I don’t have much more to elaborate on as far as this entry so I guess that’s all for my reflections on this one.

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