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I was just randomly thinking about things and I reverted back to my 6th grade English class. In class we were divided into small groups and we had to look things up in the dictionary. I believe we were looking up words and putting them into sentences or something like that. I was in a group with my friend Ryan and a kid that was new to me. I think he had been in the school for about a year already but we hadn’t had classes together until then. We had started to become friendly mainly due to working together and getting to know each other from that. I tend to be weary of new people until I get to know them. He decided to really test things out on this particular day. Thwack! He smacked me in the back of the head with dictionary as he walked by. He was a sneaky bastard doing that and he had this teacher wrapped around his finger. Enraged, I jumped up shoving my desk over causing an obvious scene. “Nathan!” she yelled at me. I tried to plead my case but when she asked him he just sort of shrugged his shoulders. Apparently that was a sign of innocence and she just chastised me for being unruly. I don’t recall her sending me to the principal but I was definitely rebuked. It’s always the reactor not the reactee that gets in trouble. Needless to say, it was the icebreaker to the best relationship I’ve had outside of my family in my life. I suppose the silly act of violence was a symbol of brotherhood. I do consider him a brother as well. I think my family wouldn’t hesitate to agree that he is family as well. As a matter of fact there were times while growing up I felt my parents would’ve preferred him over me. He is an amazing person and I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to be in his life as much as I have. I can’t blame my parents if they ever thought that and I can’t blame Mrs. Humphries (Humphreys?) for him being the pet. He’s an amazing dude and he’s always been a person that I’ve admired. We’ve had amazing memories together up till now and I can’t wait to build on them again when we have the chance.

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