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There’s too much information out there these days and there’s a piece for every slant and view you can think of. That being said, it boils down to what sources can you really trust? I really just don’t know. The sides are so divided now that it doesn’t take a genius to see that there are specific news stations that portray their side to what they want you to see. It falls easily into ears of those that also see things from that side, right or left. Therein lies the danger. I’m constantly on the lookout for the truth and I feel a lot of other people try to be as well. However, many still stick to the news that pacifies them and they like to continue that trend. If you go to the other station they have complete opposite stories to support their agendas therefore the left stays with left news and right goes right. Where is the middle? If you read my blog you see I bring it up in many of my posts when I write about political stuff. I just want to know what’s real. I find myself guilty of sticking to the same news station that typically steers toward what I would prefer to be reliable but does tend to slant left. My reasoning for this is because I do know that Trump is a pathological liar. Not even a good one at that. He just blows off his lies and piles on more. I was listening to a video of him talking today and I was paying attention and flat out heard him lie by saying something completely opposite from what he had said in the first place. The sad thing is he does it all the time and there are people that think he’s the best. There’s no talking any sense into the Trumpers either. Yet, somehow they like to call the opposing side, sheep. Ok, we’re sheep but you’re blindly following a dude that blatantly lies about everything. Gotcha’ pal, you keep on winning you true patriot, you. It drives me fucking insane. I was talking with a friend of mine about it a few weeks ago and I’ve come to the same conclusion as he has. They’re fucking fascists. They truly are. Now, I say this strictly because I do know for a fact Trump is full of shit. They are the only people that say otherwise. Those “fake news” stories tend to be on the right side agenda from what I have observed. Any station that twist around and supports blatant lies I’ve heard with my own ears can’t be credible to me. However, there are stories I read from the right that make me think differently and then I find a news story that debunks it from the left. I just don’t know anymore. All I do know is Trump is a liar and those that blindly follow him are fascists. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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