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It’s been awhile. I really didn’t mean to neglect my blog but needless to say life happens. I’m here and at it again though. Hitting the keys and about to get shit off my chest. I’m really hoping come November we don’t have another 4 years of this fuckin asshole. Him alone infuriates me. I hated him before he became “President”. Him taking office only inflated his ego and even worse he has a herd of fuckin sheep that support him regardless of anything he does. Including the blatant bullshit that he can’t ever back up. It’s always “I’ve heard stories”. Well guess what, here’s a story for you fuck face. Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly go back in time, capture John Wilkes Boothe, bring him back to the present and he blows Trump’s brains out and finally Trump has a half truth with him being like Lincoln. Seriously though, I wouldn’t shed a single tear if that motherfucker got knocked off. I’d consider it a good deed for humanity personally. America would really be winning then. It’s not winning as of now with 100,000 + deaths from this virus. I’m not saying that the virus is his fault. If I was, then I might as well be a Trump supporter because that’s just a moronic thing to do. Yes, if you are Trump, dick riding supporter, I called you a moron and I’m not going to apologize. As a matter of fact I’m doubling down. I’m gonna say fuck you and you can move on to another blog for all I care because to be truthful I don’t. There are zero leadership qualities about this man and he is an embarrassment to the U.S. This pandemic has shown how weak he is at leading. Simply by refusing to take it seriously and stating it’s going to go away like a miracle to constantly stating how the death toll would be higher if he had done nothing. Well, that’s the problem you did do nothing very early on and thus we are so far behind. He makes big claims about stopping travel from China. Whoopty fuckin doo, you really only prevented Chinese people coming over from China. Americans over there were still allowed to come back. Were they not going to carry it because they lived in America?? Bottom line is this dip shit has to go. I’m not saying Biden is a great choice either but I’d rather him than deal with 4 more years of narcissism and lack of accountability. I know I’m not the only one that sees that the guy is all too willing to pat himself on the back about something but anything negative is someone else’s fault. That just shows the lack of character he has. He is just a hollow body bag constantly spewing bile and I’ve grown all too sick of it.

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