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I couldn’t help but notice the sink with the dishes in it this morning at the office building I work at. There is currently a post-it on the dishwasher at the moment stating it is out of service for the time being, yet I was still irked by seeing them in there. It opened my eyes to the blatant disregard that people seem to have for public spaces. I’ll openly admit I’m not necessarily the neatest person around but I have respect for my others so I make sure I’m courteous when it comes to public domains. It would’ve taken just a few moments to clean the ones in the sink… I guess I should’ve done it but I was busy WASHING MY OWN. I’m glad in a sense that it happened because it gave me a topic to write about today. Some of my pet peeves. Most of them are related to simple courteous things that it seems some people missed the car on the courtesy train. I hate seeing shopping carts taking up a parking space or just fucking hanging out in the lot somewhere. They made the carriage corrals for a reason you dipshits. Put the fuckin cart away like a civilized person. That one really pisses me off. People that take their dog to the beach and don’t bring a shit bag. C’mon, really?! Actually it doesn’t even have to be the beach just anywhere public. Be courteous and pick it up. Fuckheads that drive around in their car late at night blasting shitty fuckin music but they think it’s ill because it’s got good bass or some shit. You’re not impressing anyone, turn that shit down and go on your way. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that one much anymore but there was a time when I did. Oh, I guess I can say the same about the motorcycles with the super loud mufflers. Yeah, you’re weak too dude and your bike’s a piece of shit. I bet one on one with my hyundai I come out on the better end of the collision. Jesus, I think I’m starting to get off my hinges. I’ve had a lot of angry rants here lately. Fuck it, that’s what this is for. This is my therapy, and the above you read are just a few of my pet peeves. If you fall in one of those categories above, be a better person and do the opposite.

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