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Once again I was listening to one of Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes at work. I like most of them that he does because he seems like he’d be a great guy to talk to. He also has had some great guests and has introduced me to many different people. He has had lots of comedians on them and I like comedy a lot and it has helped to expose me to some that I have grown to enjoy. I also enjoy listening to them because it feeds my brain and helps to give me ideas on what to write about. Today was no different. While listening to it they started to discuss some of the businesses that have been crushed from the pandemic. Notably discussing movie theaters. Joe stated his opinion and he feels they could be fucked. I have a feeling he could be right. Especially now that they started to have Apple TV be able to stream new movies that were supposed to be getting released during this time. The guest stated that would suck as she enjoys to go to the theater to see a movie. They discussed that feeling when they’ve gone to a movie and everyone enjoys and laughs at the same parts. It reminded me of a couple movies that always remain classics in my mind. Both of them I had seen in the theaters and both of them I had seen with my dad. One of them was Howard Stern’s Private Parts. It was for my 15th birthday and that was what I wanted to do for my birthday. I remember that was during a phase where I would sleep on the couch a lot because the t.v. was down there. I would watch Howard Stern’s show and it was on late night because it was risque. Hmmm… while Howard’s show was funny and provided me with laughs there were other things that kept my interest. I was coming coming out of the ages of innocence and delving into the curiousness of sex. It didn’t take me long to realize my sexuality. I liked women and Howard Stern’s show late night on E was very helpful in that discovery. They only had a transparent blur over the private parts (pun intended). With everyone else asleep, being by myself, and that being on I found new uses for socks. Anyways, that’s beside the point. The point was is that we both enjoyed the movie. I still watch it if I see it on tv. The other movie it made me think of was Something About Mary. We had arrived a little later than we anticipated so we missed the first few parts of the movie but just in time for the franks above the beans scene. That set the pace for another movie that I love and will still watch. We both enjoyed that one together as well. It was good bonding time. I was fortunate to have a majority of my developmental years in a typical, dysfunctional, family. I don’t use the term dysfunctional as a diss either. It’s just the reality. I think any family of 4 or more is. Despite all being family everyone is their own person. That’s what makes the bonds and ties. That’s what fuels the love for each other. That’s what makes blood thicker than water.

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