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Today, I decided to listen to a 40 minute documentary on the Spanish Flu. It was really interesting to know that it is very similar to COVID-19. Some of the symptoms that were reported about the Spanish Flu are strikingly similar to those that have been reported about COVID. Notably, the loss of your sense of smell. The scariest thing to take from it was that it came in waves. The first one was not bad but when the two following waves came, the virus mutated and was even more deadly. More people died from the Spanish Flu than WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. A main reason for it doing so was the fact that the government decided to downplay it…. Sound familiar? I just figured I would give myself a little bit of a history lesson on the Spanish Flu and I’m curious on if many other people have even bothered. I still feel like this virus is being downplayed. It has been handled a little better than the Spanish Flu which is good. My biggest concern is what the following waves will do when it rears its ugly head again… What am I saying again for? It’s still currently active. Also, the death count for the Spanish Flu that they’ve calculated is probably lower than it actually was. The cause being, the hospitals were so overwhelmed, they simply stopped counting in some instances. So you may hear some people that are touting that the number of deaths from Coronavirus may be less because they are counting in people that died as a virus death when possibly it could have been another underlying condition. Well, when you’re overwhelmed with a new virus and people are dying during it in the hospitals, I’m sure that it’s not going to be 100% accurate because you have so many at such a fast pace that the cause of death in the report doesn’t matter. It’s still a death regardless and you’re focusing on trying to prevent another. Things definitely could have been handled better in the beginning but we have a spoiled, entitled, rich brat as the president. Recently, he was trying to coax the dr’s to say there wouldn’t be resurgence in the fall. It’s as if he has his fingers in his ears and his eyes closed trying to block out reality. Instead of admitting any fault in not taking the bull by the horns in the beginning he just throws blame somewhere else. Enough about him. I’m not sure how many people have actually bothered to take the time to investigate the similarities of this and the Spanish Flu but I decided I should and therefore I’m relaying what I gathered to you. If you want another eye opening piece of information. I also listened to a documentary called Planet Of The Humans. That one was a bummer. Feel free to look it up on youtube and see for yourself. It’s eye opening and it’s sad. Perhaps you may not want to because of that and I understand but realize that it’s something the public should check out and try to gather something from the message told in it. Hope you enjoyed my brief history lesson. Let’s hope we aren’t heading down the same path.

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