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I really do have to apologize for my lack of content lately. I mentioned a couple posts back that life happens. That is still the case but I wasn’t entirely truthful. The truth is I’ve been working on myself a bit lately by deciding to do some serious exercise with my friend Matt. It started off a bit of a gag to surprise my brother for when he comes back from Austria next month. Hopefully that’s still the case and plans haven’t changed for them to come back later, cuz while I may have hated him for the suffocation lock, I still love the bastid and have missed hanging out with him. Another motivation was when Matt goaded me a into it by telling me to stop being a blob fish. If you aren’t aware of what a blob fish is, google it and look at some images. If you see that thing and are feeling overweight, well it’s a hell of a motivator because it’s ugly as fuck. I have to thank him for that because not only are there the physical benefits of it there’s also mental benefits. My wife has stated she has noticed a difference and that I seem happier after a night when I have put in some work. So that’s been the main catalyst of my lack of content. There’s definitely not a lack of content to write about these days so now that I’ve warmed you up with the reason for my recent absence let’s dive in. I’m gonna start with the hoopla of the removal of confederate statues, wanting to do away with the forts named after confederate soldiers, and the banning of the confederate flag. For all the people in support of keeping all the confederate shit, be warned. You may want to stop reading right now because I’m going to blast into you. If you are offended or upset about all that stuff being done away stating ” It’s history! You have to keep it up to remind ourselves of the past so it’s not forgotten!” All I can do is shake my head and call bullshit and call you a fucking idiot at the same time. Open a history book or maybe you should have paid attention in school. Did you ever recall learning about WWII and Nazi Germany? Do you ever recall a swastika flag and what it looks like? Of course you do. Did I see any swastika flags when I was in Germany? NO! But we still learned about that in history didn’t we? So, your thought on it possibly being lost history has been proven false. Maybe instead, you’re a higher level up. Maybe, it’s your Southern Pride which is why you defend to keeping the flag. Well, don’t try to say you aren’t a racist because that confederate flag resembles the traitors that were willing to fight America to keep being racist. So not only are you defending racism you are defending being a traitor. I’m going to go on a limb and say you probably are in high support of the current fascist in office. Which leads me directly into the uproar about Antifa. Last I knew Antifa stood for anti-fascist. To me, that sounds like something we should be for that is of course you think Nazi Germany was cool and want to bring it to America? In that case you deserve to keep your confederate flag because you have proven yourself to be a traitor. To be honest, that’s how America was founded so it’s all fitting in a strange way. While I love America, I don’t like a majority of the dirty history of it. Therefore, I say burn all the civil war memorial shit. Trust me, people will still learn about it another hundred years from now even without statues or flags. History has shown I’m right because last I knew people still know about it and write about it. It’s not statues that distinguish history. It’s the archives of written documentation. Unless, something like 1984 happens then I’ll be right. The scary thing is, 1984 seems more like fact sometimes than fiction. To be honest I don’t care if I am right about that. I just care for what is right to be done. I think getting rid of that stuff is the right thing to do. That’s all I got for now.

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