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In the post I wrote before this I had an intro regarding a cross country family trip. I wasn’t sure what direction to take with it. I wanted to write it chronologically but truth be told, I can’t remember the exciting and most memorable things in that order. This first tale I am going to tell is probably for me the memory that sticks in my mind and forever has since I had witnessed it. It was also on of my favorite places we had visited during the trip. We were in Wyoming and staying at a KOA (Kampgrounds Of America). It was also my favorite KOA we had stayed at as well. The wilderness there was beautiful and this was after there had been some wildfires that had done some significant damage throughout the park. I remember just from driving through some of it how amazed I was as an 8 year old kid to see the wildlife we were seeing. We saw a majority of gazelles and antelope. Most amazing to me though were the amount of buffalo we were seeing. In this specific memory. We were going along and saw a few cars pulled over up ahead. That was usually a good indicator that there was something nearby worth checking out. Boy, they were right. We got out of the RV and through the trees probably about a couple hundred feet away were two buffalo battling each other. They charged and butted heads with a thud, locking horns. They grunted and groaned as they battled for dominance until finally, with a thunderous thud one of them was tossed to the ground. I distinctly remember feeling the ground quake under my feet when it hit. The defeated buffalo made no efforts to put up more of a fight and that was the end of the conflict. With nothing left to see and being close enough to be in trouble should they charge, we packed into the RV and continued our trip. It was a memory that still sticks with me to this day. Experiencing the rawness of nature first hand is truly a spectacle to behold.

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