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Quarantining is relatively simple when you’re an introvert. It’s life as normal for me, for the most part. I’m a homebody as I’ve gotten older and settled down. I don’t feel I always used to be. I know didn’t use to be. I would have moments where I isolate, but I would also go out a lot. It was the age thing too. When you’re younger you want to go out with your friends and chase some tail. At some point for most people, life sweeps you up as things around you, as well as yourself, change. Your friends get into serious relationships, and what used to be hanging out a couple times week, dwindles to a few times a month. You eventually find one too and that is just how it usually goes. I was one of the last out of my friends to settle down. It wasn’t necessarily by choice but due to my lack of confidence and fear of rejection. I remember when I was younger. Every fearless leap of courage I took, resulted in humiliation and failure. Those bared impact on my interactions in high school. It’s already an awkward time as it is, let alone knowing you’ve made an ass out of yourself a time or two in middle school. Sorry, for that side track… I didn’t intend to write about high school. I guess the whole point folks, is that things change. You’ve made it through those changes. You can make it through these.

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