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Went out on Saturday night with the people of the Point Hostel. We went to a place called Deja Vu. It was a small club that had an upstairs roof terrace. I wasn’t overly impressed with the place but it was with some good people. Damian, one of the guys who works at the hostel has been really cool. He is from England, just outside of London. Yesterday, I watched a couple movies. I watched “300” for the second time and still enjoyed it. I afterwards, watched “Apocolypto” for the first time and liked that as well. I think they got my mind going as I had a couple interesting dreams. I remember the first one quite vividly and the second one not at all now. In the first dream I was at some sort of park or something. An amusement park. There was a river that went around the park. I was in it swimming and my friend Ryan was floating beside me on an inner tube. Then, some guy came from the side of me trying to kick me in the head. I moved away from him and we started to fight. I was about to get the better of him until he reached down and squeezed hold of my balls. I broke away, he tried again and again I avoided it. Then he pulled a knife out of his wallet. I turned away and then back toward him holding my hands up tell him it’s over. I was standing next to my friend and then he grabbed Ryan by the neck. I then went after the guy, he turned me around and apparently stabbed me in the back, a little above the kidneys. At first it felt like it was only his fingers poking into my back then he started to dig and cut down. I felt a twinge and I immediately woke startled from the dream. It was quite interesting. It’s been awhile since I have had such a vivid dream. This morning I watched “Stranger Than Fiction” and found it to be a very well done movie. It has gotten my imaginary gears turning and makes me want to write a fictional story like I used to when I was younger. Perhaps when I go home I should take some writing courses to get me back into my passion of storytelling.

Arequipa, Peru was the most beautiful city I experienced during my trip. It was a good final destination before heading home from Lima. It was a combination of the architecture and the colors of the buildings that gave it a sort of warm feeling. Like many of the places I experienced there were some mountains that made a nice backdrop to the city as well. I went to a museum while I was there. In 1995 there had been an expedition up on one of the mountains and they discovered a 12 year old Inca girl preserved in the ice. They believe she was sacrificed and in that museum they had her in a climate controlled case to keep her preserved so that tourists could see. Juanita the Ice Princess was what they referred to her as. There was also a monastery/convent in Arequipa. It was like it was another city walled off from the rest of Arequipa. I would guess the Vatican is the same way. This is the entry I wrote while I was in South America. My next entry is when I touch back down on American soil.

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